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"In between stimulus and response there's a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response and in our response lies our growth and our freedom."Viktor Frankl, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, and Holocaust survivor

Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge

Your Forgiveness Challenge Invitation
Dear Desmond Tutu and his daughter lovingly invite us (through this most beautiful video) to walk with them, through a challenge.  The challenge is to take one baby step with them each day for thirty days.  Here is one excerpt:
"Because we are fragile and vulnerable creatures, we experience hurt, harm, and loss.  The wound can be physical or emotional.  We can be hurt with a weapon or a word.  A slight from a stranger, a rejection from a friend, a betrayal by a loved one are all affronts to our dignity.
"There is no way of living with other people without, at some point, being hurt.  When we are hurt we face the choice to retaliate or reconnect...
"We are social creatures, and our physical survival is just as dependent on happy relationships and social connections as it is on food, air, and water.  Today we are going to look at when we have chosen to retaliate and when we have chosen to reconnect."
The Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge displays beautiful, simple tools (brief videos, poignant meditations, and a few life-changing visuals) which make this challenge quick, memorable and help us clearly see...how very powerful we are...with each baby step we take. ❤

Creating True Peace

This book holds my heart. I carry it with me wherever I can. It's a perfect adjunct to any belief/support system...guiding one through beautiful lessons. For instance, just as we find ourselves believing others will mindfully lead us, we might instead discover that we are the answer we were looking for. Or when we witness harm, we might now feel a lifetime of fear dissipate as courage breathes into our soul. We might find ourselves experiencing a calm, newfound strength, holding steady and strong for those who cannot. We might write healthy, new rules. And we might enjoy the most unexpected surprises. The significance of these lessons can humble us, provide deeper meaning to our purpose, and help us delightfully grow our humanity...once again. ❤

"...the best part...is helping to spread this life-saving information. I've been speaking at medical conferences a lot lately and have been touched by how many physicians are using my work in their offices. There are doctors that are playing my DVDs on a loop in their waiting rooms. Others have my short videos downloaded on their iPad and play them for patients during visits—showing them a tablet instead of giving them tablets! :) NutritionFacts.org is a free resource for medical students, health professionals, and everybody else." —Michael Greger, M.D.