"In between stimulus and response there's a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response and in our response lies our growth and our freedom."Viktor Frankl, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, and Holocaust survivor

Creating True Peace

This book holds my heart. I carry it with me, wherever I can. It's a perfect adjunct to any belief/support system...with beautiful lessons. For instance, just as we find ourselves believing others will mindfully lead us, we might (instead) discover: we are the answer we were looking for. Or when we witness harm, we might (now) feel a lifetime of fear dissipate as courage breathes into our soul. We might find ourselves experiencing a calm, newfound strength, holding steady (and strong) for those who cannot. We might write healthy, new rules. We might enjoy the surprise of playing with all of this. The significance of these lessons can humble us, provide deeper meaning to our purpose, and help us delightfully grow our humanity...once again. ❤

Natural Pain Relievers

People want to feel good.  This can be especially true if one is experiencing the mind-body impact of trauma, which is a very normal experience during our lives.  So what is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to help oneself feel good?  Dr. Greger lays out the answer...

"In 1973, scientists discovered that we have...receptors in our brain for opiate drugs like heroin and morphine. Since we didn’t evolve shooting up, it stood to reason that there were natural compounds produced by our bodies that fit into those receptors.

"So we went looking, discovered them, and named them...endorphins. And endorphins are good...they’re our natural pain relievers, released during exercise, the consumption of spicy food, and orgasm.

"So, there are healthier ways to stimulate these receptors than shooting up heroin.

"In 1990, scientists discovered that we have specific receptors in our brain for the active ingredient in marijuana as well, cannabinoids like THC. Since we didn’t evolve toking up, it stood to reason that there were natural compounds produced by our bodies that fit into those receptors.

"So we went looking, discovered them, and named them endocannabinoids. And endocannabinoids are good...they’re one of our bodies ways to ease nausea, ease pain...generally chill us out. The question is, is there a way to get the good without the badstimulate these receptors without smoking marijuana?

"What’s so bad about smoking marijuana? Lung cancer. Smoking just a single joint is like smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. The worst death I ever witnessed in my medical career, the one that gives me the most nightmares, was a lung cancer victim gasping for breath being drowned by their tumors. It was hideous. Please don’t smokeanything. Smoke inhalation is bad no matter what the source.

"Thankfully, researchers discovered a food this year that stimulates cannabinoid receptors, so you can get the benefits without the risks. Which food was it? Was it broccoli, coconuts, garlic, green tea, mushrooms, or tomatoes?

"It was the tea."

"...the best part...is helping to spread this life-saving information. I've been speaking at medical conferences a lot lately and have been touched by how many physicians are using my work in their offices. There are doctors that are playing my DVDs on a loop in their waiting rooms. Others have my short videos downloaded on their iPad and play them for patients during visits—showing them a tablet instead of giving them tablets! :) NutritionFacts.org is a free resource for medical students, health professionals, and everybody else." —Michael Greger, M.D.